Caring for the Forgotten Children

Standing Order

A Standing Order is an instruction from you to your bank to pay a particular amount of money, on a regular basis, from your account to a third party account.
You decide how much and how often as well as when payments start and stop. That way you are in complete control, as opposed to a Direct Debit where the third party is in control of how much money to take from your account. You might use Direct Debit, for example, to pay off monthly bills that fluctuate from month to month.
Your bank will have Standing Order Forms and these can easily be completed on your visit to the bank. All you will need to know is Your bank account number and sort code. These can be found at the bottom of every cheque and also on your AutoBank card.
Sunshine Foundation Romania's account number and sort code.
Account Number:: 48043098
Sort Code:: 98-01-90
How much you want to donate. How often you want to donate. This can be weekly, monthly or even annually. You decide. The form should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete and payments can be stopped at any time. Sunshine Foundation Romania will increasingly rely on regular donations made through Standing Orders for us to continue our work in Romania.
Once again, thank you for your interest in our project.