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Donations: Now you can donate to SFR from your Mobile Phone
15 October 2011

SFR is delighted to introduce a new service for people to donate directly from their mobile phone. The service is Just Text Giving and you can donate £1, £2, £3, £4, £
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Donations: Aodheen & Gabriel are getting married!
27 September 2011

Aodheen and Gabriel are getting married in Oct and have very kindly asked guests to consider donating to SFR in lieu of wedding presents. Clearly we are delighted about that. Aodheen has been out
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Donations: You can now donate to SFR On Line
27 September 2011

Sunshine Foundation has created an online donation medium through MyDonate which is sponsored by BT and is completely free and secure. To view the iste or make donations please click here.   ... more
Children: Dani spends Easter in Casa Irlanda
02 May 2011

Dani with his mum Dani was one of our original children who spent some time in Casa Sfanta Maria and then in Casa Irlanda before returning to live with his mum. He visits his friends in Casa Irlanda quite often and spen  ... more
Children: Christmas 2010 Shoe Boxes
02 May 2011

Ioji family in Comana village were delighted with their gifts.
SFR teamed up with Road of Hope charity and sent out hundreds of Christmas Shoe Boxes to loads of children in Romania for Christmas 2010. These went to many schools and were stored in Ro
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Donations: Beragh Team present cheque
02 May 2011

Fionuala and Maureen present SFR with the cheque.
SFR has always been very well supported by a group of dedicated volunteers from Beragh, Co Tyrone. Recently they presented us with a cheque for £6000!! 
SFR are deeply
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Children: Visit to Comana Village Apr 2011
02 May 2011

Van packed with food and some volunteers after a hard day's shopping!
Every time SFR volunteers travel to Romania we bring up some food baskets to the more needy families in Comana village. The photo shows our van with food packed up for 12 families.
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Children: Visit to Vascille
02 May 2011

Vascille with Aodh & Maire in front of his wood supply for next Winter. Vascille was one of our first children in Casa Sfanta Maria but he now lives happily with his family in Comana village. We always like to visit Vascille and bring him food when we're in Romania. This p  ... more
Children: Ioji family - Comana village
02 May 2011

Ioji family outsdie their front door
Next door to Vascille in Comana is the Ioji family. SFR volunteers have re-built the Ioji family house ( click here for photos of the build) and always try to visit them any time we're in
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Children: Adriana gets a job in Harman
02 May 2011

Adriana working in the local Pizzeria. We are delighted that Adriana, one of our first ever children is now working in a Pizzeria in Harman village. Our ultimate goal for the SFR childfen is that one day they will live independantly. Adrian  ... more


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