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Children: Visit to Vascille
02 May 2011

Vascille with Aodh & Maire in front of his wood supply for next Winter. Vascille was one of our first children in Casa Sfanta Maria but he now lives happily with his family in Comana village. We always like to visit Vascille and bring him food when we're in Romania. This p  ... more
Children: Ioji family - Comana village
02 May 2011

Ioji family outsdie their front door
Next door to Vascille in Comana is the Ioji family. SFR volunteers have re-built the Ioji family house ( click here for photos of the build) and always try to visit them any time we're in
  ... more
Children: Adriana gets a job in Harman
02 May 2011

Adriana working in the local Pizzeria. We are delighted that Adriana, one of our first ever children is now working in a Pizzeria in Harman village. Our ultimate goal for the SFR childfen is that one day they will live independantly. Adrian  ... more
Children: Casa Irlanda children make household decorations for sale.
02 May 2011

A collection of items available for sale. This array included several items themed for Easter including eggs and Easter bunnies.
The young adults in Casa Irlanda have learned to make household decorations like clocks, picture frames and fridge magnets. these are created from plaster of Paris moulds and then carefully painte
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Children: CSM Children visit Elana Mall
02 May 2011

Group photo at Elana Mall
On our recent visit we took all the newest children living in Casa Sfanta Maria to Elana  Mall for games including bowling, table tennis and snooker for the older ones and a soft play area fo
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Children: Visit to Casa Sfanta Padraig - Apr 2011
02 May 2011

CSP children playing on a swing just outside their house. We spent some time with the children of Casa Sfanta Padraig on our last visit. See the gallery for some photos and click here for a short video of the children playing outside. In most of the i  ... more
Children: SFR take Casa Irlanda Children out for Pizza
02 May 2011

The Casa Irlanda group outside the Pizzeria On our visit in April 2011, SFR took the young adults living in Casa Irlanda out for pizza. Everyone had an excellant night out.   ... more
Donations: Artist makes donation to SFR
15 June 2010

Moira shares a glass of wine with Aodh. You can see some of her artwork in the background.
Moira Stevenson recently graduated from UUJ with a degree in Arts. She launched some of her work recently and decided to make a donation to SFR. The focus of Moira's work is on the significance of
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