Caring for the Forgotten Children

Second Shop almost ready

17 January 2012
SFR aims to open a second hand shop in Harman in Spring 2012. The aim of the shop is to provide employment  and income for the children living in our apartments in Harman to support them along the road to independance.
We are sending a 40ft lorry out from Ireland with items to be sold in the shop. We are hoping for donations of clothes, (babies, children, adults)  household goods, toiletries, boots, shoes, toys, furniture, school items. Please do not send items that are broken or badly damaged; if they don't work in Ireland they are of little value in Romania. Ideally we would appreciate it if the closthes were washed prior to shipping.
More details to follow on where to deliver these items to when we have organised where the lorry is leaving from.

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