Caring for the Forgotten Children

School Improvements

School SFR children attend
Abandoned children in Romania receive no formal education. SFR have worked with Gaby Orban, principal of a local school and now all the children we rescue attend Gaby's school. The children head off every morning in the SFR minibus and are delighted to get the chance to go to shool for the first time. We are very fortunate to have a good working relationship with Gaby.  SFR carried out renovations to the school in Summer 2003.
See below some photos here of the improvements made.
Also check out photos in the gallery for School improvements.
  1. Maire and Glen installing the new kitchen. Having thsi kitchen will help the children also learn skills around cooking, cleaning etc which will benefit them immensely when thsy move to live in independant accommodation.
  2. Roxanna, one of the teachers, enjoying a coffee break in the new kitchen.
  3. Before our refurbishments, there were several toilets in a single cubicle. Not much privacy!
  4. When we'd finished, each toilet was in an individual cubicle.
Maire and Glen Install a new kitchen in the school. Roxanna, one of the teachers, enjoys a break in the new kitchen.
The toliets before SFR made improvements. Not much privacy here!  Single toilet per cubicle aftre SFR completed refurbishments.