Caring for the Forgotten Children


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Name: Sťamas McAleenan
Very pleased to represent SFR this morning in St Killian's College Garron Tower where a small group of Year 14 students presented a cheque for almost £800.
Great to know that young people are aware of the work of SFR and other such organisations and are prepared to organise and support events to help people less well off than themselves.
Name: colin
hello, I was wondering if you do any work in Arad Romania
No Colin, most of our projects are centred around Brasov and Harman.
Name: Darren hyndman
Went two years in a row with a group of lads from omagh(tattyreagh). 2004/2005 I think. Great memories looking at the photo gallery. Keep up the good work, hope to be back in the near future
Thanks Darren, good to hear from you again.
Name: Romania
Visited with my school this summer, such a good job is made with the children, makes you very grateful for what you have
Thanks very much for your kind comments and visit. Which school are you in?
Name: aidandonnelly
Name: Maeve Hamill
I only found out about this today. GREAT orginisation. Bye
Name: Moira Stevenson
I'd just like to say to the volunteers thank you for caring and making a difference to these childrens' lives.  How wonderful there are people like you in the world.
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