Caring for the Forgotten Children

Family Vascille

Vascille moved into our first house, Casa Sfanta Maria, in 2002 from Barsa Mica orphanage. His parents came to visit him a few times and in 2008 we were delighted to hear that Vascille would move back to live with his parents in Comana village, about 1 hour north of Brasov.
Since he moved back, SFR volunteers quite often go to visit Vascille and were taken by the hospitality of his family. We discovered they had plans to build a new house beside their existing house and SFR volunteers will work, along with Vascille and his family to build this new home. In 2008 the foundations were put in and during the summer of 2009 we will complete this house. SFR actually purchased a brick making machine which Vascille will use himself to make the bricks for his house.
We will have some updates later this summer on progress. Click here to see photos.
Foundation sgoing in for Vascille's new house. Foundations going in fro Vascille's new house.