Caring for the Forgotten Children

Shop in Harman

Our original plan was to "Change the Lives and Living conditions of some abandoned children in Brasov, Romania". A key part of this was to try to remove children from their "Institutionalised environment" and bring them up in a Family environment, give them life skills, help them integrate into society and hopefully one day live independantly. Because of the various disabilities of some of our children, only some will ever be able to live fully independant lives.
By building the houses and carefully selecting and training staff, SFR have been able to acheive the "Family Environment" goal. By giving them personal responsibilities both inside and outside their house e.g. cleaning, washing, gardening, shopping etc they have picked up many basic life skills. By getting them all into schools (remember the children would never have been to school had they stayed in the institutions), we have helped integrate them into society.
Now we are at the final hurdle for some of our original childen; getting them into employment and the potential to move out and live independantly. Andrea and Nikisur are already working but it can be difficult to find employment for these children so we have come up with the idea of building a shop on the Harman campus. The shop will provide employment to some children where they will sell second hand clothes and the household decorations they have become so proficient at making.
We aim to have the shop open in Sep 2011. Click here to see pictures of the shop during development.